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OffrBox transforms the way you buy and sell residential properties. We designed an online marketplace to streamline your real estate investment process- whether you are buying a $3,000 land lot or a $4M vacant rental portfolio. Utilize 50+ search filters to find your ideal investment within an inventory across 43 states. Negotiate offers and close deals within hours instead of weeks. Your goal is to maximize your return on investment and effort. Our job is to get you there paperless, faster and more transparently. Until now, no marketplace has delivered the following best-in-class technologies: 1. Enhanced Search: OffrBox is the only marketplace that allows buyers to search using the criteria that they desire. Our search tools give buyers more than 50 filters to help them identify the right property and allow sellers to better market their properties toward prospective buyers. 2. Property Display Features: OffrBox allows sellers to optimally display their properties using videos, 3D tours, pictures, due diligence documents and contract documents. What more could a buyer ask for? 3. The Offer Box Portal: By utilizing the Offer Box Portal investors can submit offers, receive offers and negotiate with fully customizable responses in real-time. 4. Offer Comparison Portal: The Offer Comparison Portal helps sellers to compare and analyze their offers, helping them better decide to accept, reject or counter-offer. 5. Closing Coordinator: The fully-automated Contract Coordinator guides both the buyer and seller through the contact process, allowing them to complete it in just a few clicks. Since our beta launch in July 2016, Offrbox.com has become one of the largest online real estate market places for residential investors with over 1,400 properties in 43 states.

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