Open Platform for Autonomous Vehicle Sharing



ABOUT OPEN.CAR is a technological platform that allows an autonomous vehicle to be shared with other users, being the first such platform aimed to private car owners and open to all brands/manufacturers.

With, the autonomous vehicle, while not used by its owner, will be able to operate on its own, carrying other users around in a similar way to a taxi. Therefore, the owner will be able to share its vehicle, either for free with friends & family or as a paid service with other users. will take care of everything and manage all payments generated in exchange for a small percentage, allowing car owners to earn money while they sleep, work, etc. is based on a patented procedure that operates through several hardware and software elements in order to control an heterogeneous fleet composed of different brand/technology vehicles with different communication protocols and operational behaviours.
Organization founded in Spain. Since September/2016. SEED phase.




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