The first P2P marketplace to sell and rent startups digital assets (Apps, Webs, Databases, Market Research)


PIVOTTA is a global marketplace that allows entrepreneurs to connect their startups in order to buy, sell, and rent their digital assets. We focus on intangible assets such as databases (customers, providers, distribution networks), market analysis reports, and technology (apps, web, software). 90% of startup tech business fail or are forced to drastically change their business model. The assets created by these failed startups are still valuable, even if the startup itself failed. Instead of letting all of this useful knowledge and technology go to waste, the worldwide connections provided by Pivotta allow the increasing number of failed startups, apps, websites, and other intangible digital assets be sold, reused, and recycled. Resources provided by Pivotta have the ability to help other tech startups in need of traction and new technology. Additionally, Pivotta provides value added services to protect buyers and sellers. Through a legal partner, we provide a complete due diligence offering asset valuation, verification and property transfer services. After publishing, evaluating offers, and negotiating with direct buyer and seller communication, we can then finalize the payment and transfer the digital asset. Pivotta currently has a wide variety of apps, websites, and other digital assets to choose from. Let Pivotta help you sell your digital assets or take your startup to the next level!


Created Spain, April/2015
Status Startup

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