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MY BUSINESS IDEA After this period of activity I decided to start a working venture dedicated to this kind of product transformation and sales. The activity will be made in a 500/1000 sqf commercial space like a retail shop or warehouse,where bikes will be unbuilded,cleaned a prepared. By means of a sandblasting machine and a small painting station,frame and other parts will be painted maintaining the original style,or changing colour style depending on customer request or anyway giving a personal taste on the final product. Low quality bikes like mountain bikes or GDO bikes,will be brought to functional state without great restoration works to create a cheap used product. Customers will have the possibility to renew their old bycicle renewing it as their own taste or under helping from seller in choosing colours,components,etc… MISSION Mission will be to create a business that starts from ethical concept of ecology and green economy and subsequently create a sort of brand that could be identified from the estetical finitures and accessories and of course from his logo. Starts from trash to Stylish and exclusive goods. EXIT: The exit will be to start a franchising net creating a "make your shop" complete kit with tools and cabins able to be placed in a small commercial shop area or integrating an existing activity.

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Created Italy, September/2022
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