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About Satiu

Satiu allows patients to find, connect and rate professionals and health centers. In Satiu patients, health professionales and care centers can have a profile and interact between them. All of them can get funtions and information they need. Patients can find and rate a health professsional o care center. Also can find articles, videos and infographics about health, make questions, and book appointments to health professsionals and care centers. Health professionals and care centers not only can be found by patients but also have a full profile, get information like scientist societies, education options, events, jobs, etc., and take advantage of useful functions like the board (an internal twitter for only professionals), appointments, questions, clinical cases, write articles and make videos, and obtain analytics of profile visualization. Providers also have a bunch of functions and can find and connect to health professionals and care centers in order to offer to those their product and services.

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