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We STOP malware and mitigate the risk of vulnerabilities on the billions of devices powered by Android.


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Problem Last year McAfee estimated over $400 Billion was lost due to cybercrime. Malware is at the heart of this problem. The latest Symantec Internet Security Threat Report stated nearly ONE MILLION Android apps in Google Play are malware in disguise. Current approaches to mobile security only patch over this problem; they do not solve it directly. Solution Our patent-pending BiTSentry technology is a game-changer. It allows smartphone users to download and use any app safely. Because our technology isolates ALL apps & data on the device, if any individual app contains malware, BiTSentry prevents it from controlling the device. BiTSentry co-exists with threats, immediately isolating, controlling and observing them while protecting the user’s data. Competitive Advantage We are the only solution that is completely replacing the vulnerable Kernel and changing how apps run. Why Now? “62% of Americans worry about smartphone hacking. 1 in 4 Americans admit being hacked.” - Gallup Poll WHO WE ARE Steve is our lead software architect and chief evangelist. Murray led Nokia into the North American market before anyone knew who Nokia was. His deep knowledge of the mobility space, experience and network gives us an unfair advantage. Vic is our lead kernel hacker and application developer. He co-founded in 1994 with Steve one of the very first ISP businesses in Pennsylvania. Federico joined the team in 2013 to lead the embedded side of the house and Android internals. WHY WE'RE DOING THIS Android currently has over 70% (and growing) of the world's mobile market share in operating system installations which includes tablets and wearables. By default, Android is the largest attack surface in the world for malware. Our team solved many difficult problems in securing Android over the last three years. The lessons & insights learned paved the way for BiTSentry, our newest innovation, that will eliminate the threat of a vulnerable Android and make the world a safer place. MOST IMPRESSIVE ACCOMPLISHMENT Steven Rahseparian Architected and built a complete platform that can provision "made to order" tablets complete with a fully customized Android OS that has been hardened, secured and considered one of the most secure platforms available today. Additional capabilities include creating custom orders, ingesting content and creating secured packages that are completely tamper proof and only usable by the tablet they were issued. The entire system built with a small team in under two years. Vic Ricker Vic is an amazing engineer that I’ve had the privilege of knowing over 20 years. We have worked together many times to solve very difficult problems. Vic’s backend/kernel engineering experience is second to none and I consider him to be one of the most efficient programmers I’ve ever worked with. Vic's professional career includes the role of lead software engineer with Scottrade. Federico Fuga Federico is the go-to-guru on embedded. Most notable, Federico worked on the mars rover for the european space agency, he joined me two years ago to work on the first generation os. He has proven himself extremely skilled when it comes to being responsible for the embedded side of the house and Android internals. Federico has also demonstrated a high degree of professionalism and attention to detail that is required to meet deadlines and budgets. Murray Kawchuk Murray is a rare blend of corporate wunderkind, entrepreneur, & admired leader with years of international experience and world-class training. Spent 14 years at Nokia as VP and ramped sales from 0 to $1Bn in 40 months. Earned 70% market share, 100% profit share. Turn-around Division: from $1.2 Bn to $2.5 Bn in 18 mos. While at Nokia, Murray gained extensive experience in product development as well and developed deep relationships across the entire wireless ecosystem.

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