Airmony is a TBIOM innovation. TBIOM is a spin-off originated from FCTecnics company in Barcelona.



Airmony is a TBIOM (Técnicas Biomédicas para la Salud) innovation. TBIOM is a spin-off originated from FCTecnics company in Barcelona. TBIOM’s mission is to offer medical devices which contribute to improve people’s health and quality of life in a sustainable way. We are now focused on covering the needs from people who suffer from OSAS (Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome). To accomplish this, we have created Airmony, a national and international product. Two years ago, our CEO, Jaume Palou, was preparing his holidays. His children suggested going to Thailand and trekking through the jungle to see wild animals, especially elephants. The whole family was really excited about the idea. Jaume suffers from sleep apnea so he asked the travel agent if he might plug his CPAP machine in during the flight and also while in the jungle. The answer was an emphatic “no.” At first, Jaume could not resist the idea of not being able to travel. Would he carry his batteries on him? By calculating the power necessary to keep the CPAP working during six nights in the jungle, he concluded that he would need to carry on his back 55 lbs of car batteries. Something impossible at all. So, finally, he and his family had to cancel their trip. However, as an Electronic Engineer, Jaume couldn’t stay inactive. He had to come up with a solution. It was necessary to develop a new CPAP device: portable and autonomous. That’s how Airmony was born. We have developed the new Airmony CPAP: a hoseless, portable and with Bluetooth connection device. It can be plugged into a standard USB Power Bank. Now, we are proud to announce that we have the first working prototype. We now need the funds to carry on with the industrialization of the project together with all the regulatory requirements. Airmony is a disrupting CPAP experience which will allow Sleep Apnea patients to get a feeling of freedom and control, improving their life quality. The Indiegogo perks have been designed to allow contributors to receive an extra value and discount on the Airmony retail price, as long as being updated and collaborate in the final design and industrialization. Our team has evaluated all the technical and regulatory risks and prepared a realistic plan to cover all the emergent eventualities for the product commercialisation. You really may be interested in our project, and you would love to support us. If no financial contribution is possible, don't worry. You can also support us in other ways: Become a fan of Airmony on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Spread the word among your friends and colleagues through your social networks. All help is welcome! WHAT IS SLEEP APNEA? Sleep apnea is a respiratory disorder in which breathing is interrupted for more than 10 seconds during sleep. These pauses in respiration may reoccur between 5-30 times per hour. Apnea should be treated, as it can affect the daily life, and cause serious health problems (including high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, diabetes or accidents at work or while driving). The most common treatment for sleep apnea is to use a CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine, which keeps the user’s airways open while they sleep. AIRMONY, A REVOLUTIONARY CPAP MACHINE Airmony is a revolutionary CPAP machine that offers superior portability, autonomy and technology. Thanks to its small size, it is perfect for both adults and children who suffer from sleep apnoea. It is also highly effective at improving rest and recuperation for high-performance athletes. And for doctors, it is a very useful tool for diagnosing, treating and monitoring patients. WHO CAN BENEFIT FROM THE SUCCESS OF AIRMONY? TRAVELLERS Who do not want to carry heavy equipment or check in their bags at the airport. Airmony fits easily into hand luggage. Who do not want to worry about having access to electricity? Thanks to its long-lasting battery there is no need to be near a plug socket. Airmony can also be charged via a USB port, a power bank or a car cigarette lighter socket. CHILDREN WITH SLEEP APNEA Airmony is so easy to use that even young children can follow the treatment in a much more manageable and autonomous way, without depending on their parents as much. They will also feel more comfortable without being connected to a big, bulky machine that may frighten them. This, in turn, will almost certainly improve their self-esteem and make them feel less different to other children. They will be able to fall asleep more easily and have greater freedom of movement. They can even sleep comfortably snuggled up with their favorite teddy! CHILDREN WITH ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADHD) Airmony can help improve children’s academic performance because correct respiration increases the oxygen supply to the brain needed to concentrate. FAMILY Airmony goes wherever the family goes. Its portability and operational autonomy mean that this CPAP machine can be taken anywhere without disrupting the rhythm of the family’s life and without limitations. Thanks to its low acoustic level compared with conventional CPAP machines, it will not keep you or your partner awake at night. And for those caring for someone with sleep apnea, Airmony will release some of the tension that can be generated by providing constant attention as the sufferer can follow the treatment with greater autonomy. PEOPLE WITH ASSOCIATED CONDITIONS Sleep apnea is associated with other conditions, such as Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s or stroke. Airmony helps improve the prognosis by maintaining adequate oxygen supply to the brain. DOCTORS Airmony uses EHealth technology: it continuously records physiological sleep parameters, providing data that can be stored on a smartphone or tablet and sent to the doctor via Internet. In this way, doctors can monitor the treatment, adjust the necessary parameters and resend these new instructions directly to the CPAP machine to help the patient breathe even more easily. The machine’s portability, design, convenience, and ease of use all make it less likely that the patient will abandon the treatment. The patient will get better and the doctor will be able to see the results. HIGH-PERFORMANCE ATHLETES Airmony provides correct oxygenation and helps the body to recover naturally from the physical exertion of training and competition. WHY ARE WE ASKING FOR YOUR SUPPORT? Sleep apnea is a condition that affects many people, particularly adults, but children too. The most common form of treatment is the use of CPAP machines. However, the way these machines are currently designed has a huge impact on the user's quality of life. Today’s machines are large, heavy and bulky and they restrict the users’ independence and autonomy. As a consequence, many people abandon their treatment and stop using the CPAP machine. Airmony is an innovative CPAP machine that is small, light, comfortable and silent. It does not use an air-hose, it offers a high level of autonomy with low energy consumption, in addition to eHealth technology, which together aim to overcome the disadvantages of traditional CPAP machines. We are currently improving its design (for example, we have reduced the size of the machine by 30%), but there is still a way to go before it is perfect. For this reason, with your support we will be able to continue developing Airmony, to turn it into the breath of fresh air that many sleep apnoea sufferers all over the world have been dreaming of. HOW ELSE CAN YOU HELP US? You really may be interested in our project, and you would love to support us. If no financial contribution is possible, don't worry. You can also support us in other ways: Become a fan of Airmony on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Spread the word among your friends and colleagues through your social networks:"Two years ago, their CEO, Jaume Palou, was preparing his holidays....." Now it's possible!!


Created Spain, October/2015
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