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We provide affordable, sustainable and successful e-health systems, suitable for any country, culture and language.


About Telecare Europe S.L.

At Telecare Europe, we deliver sustainable and successful solutions for chronic home-patients, on an affordable monthly fee basis. We developed Domus a top quality telemonitoring system, integrating technology and procedures, to reach the best clinical outcomes for the patients and the best economic result for the payers. Domus is CE certified, completed by a few free mobile and Web-based applications for patients, caregivers and payers. Chronic home-patients are our target users. People suffering from heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, lung disease, obesity and dementia are the reason for our R&D, as we want them to stay safely at home, with the best possible quality of life. Our B2B2C business model is designed to fulfill the needs and expectations of national healthcare systems, insurance companies, mutual funds and big companies. Keeping their policy-holders/employees healthier, Domus generates important savings on healthcare costs, as well as an exclusive added value. Through consolidated partnerships, Telecare Europe can also provide the most suitable medical devices and the most appropriate caregivers for any project: doctors, nurses, homecare assistants. A multilingual call center is also available, to fulfill all the needs and expectations of our clients and users. REASONS THAT MAKE OUR SYSTEM UNIQUE The efficiency of our platform allows the most affordable price on the market. The algorithms we developed eliminate useless redundancies and minimize running costs. It can be used with any medical device, if provided by a bluetooth or wi-fi connection. That makes Domus suitable for every current and future hardware. Domus is continuously under a quality assessment process. New modules are designed and developed to complete the system and match the users’ expectations. All services provided by Domus are designed to match the patients’ needs in any country, language or culture. Applications and procedures are user-friendly and consistent with the patients’ lifestyle and pathologies. All kind of medical device can be provided and used for monitoring the patient’s health, through our established partnership with the most important hardware producers and distributors. Our clinical staff may deliver the device to the patients at their own place, while providing information, training and support every time the patients might need it. Domus is provided on an affordable monthly fee basis. Service, hardware and clinical support are included and no one-off payment is expected. Selected medical devices may also be included.

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Created Spain, December/2015
Status Startup

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