Customizable eyewear, made in Barcelona


My business is a revolution in eyewear We felt that the glasses were an object that had to evolve… so we did it. We engineered and patented, a totally revolutionary pair of glasses, connecting two major fashion booms: Customization and Athleisure. We patented the first glasses on the planet where you can interchange the same lenses in different style frames. If you are a Uniqbrow client, you can buy different frames, different lenses, different temples, and interchange everything everyday, creating hundreds of combinations, matching the glasses with your look, your mood, or your activity. We not only have made a revolution in eyewear but also in the business model of eyewear. Normally, people buy one pair of glasses in an eyewear store. We have changed the lifetime value of our product, turning a customer into a client. A client doesn’t buy just one pair of glasses from us, he can buy new frames, new lenses, new temples every month, or every season . We believed that to make this function correctly, we needed a hybrid business model, where you could find Uniqbrow in optical or fashion stores, but also buy them directly from us, through our shops or online, following the idea of successful brands like Warby Parker. This also allows us offer an affordable price, and have a precious direct contact with our clients, creating a stronger community, a client database, and bringing more knowledge about the client preferences and the direction of the brand. The glasses are made with the Japanese Smart Material, Quiroflex, a material normally in medical devices, that makes them antiallergic, extremley light weight and resistant to lotions, make up, sweat, sea salt, sun, high and low temperatures… In a new era of technical clothing where the border between fashion and sports has been erased, UNIQBROW brings a new level of technical versatility to eyewear. Engineering freedom, our slogan, reflects the extremely technical component of our glasses, We created an industrial patent for the revolutionary structure, the material, and the unique system where the same lenses fit any Uniqbrow frame. There are a few glasses in the market, that allow you to interchange different lenses in one frame, but Uniqbrow are the only glasses in the market where you can interchange the same lenses across different frames.


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