The user-friendly Web Platform integrates a set of services, acting as a centralized dashboard of your farm


About Wisecrop

WiseCrop is an integrated decision support system that helps Farmers make the best decisions every single day of each season. It can be based on a wireless sensor network that continuously collects weather, soil and plant data from the field. The Farmer can connect existing sensors to the platform, if he wants to. On the web platform, the Farmer can access a set of different tools that help him to decide: - When to irrigate and how much water is needed; - If he should apply any kind of treatment for some disease or pest; - What is the best nutritional plan for each season; - What is the best moment to harvest, prune, or other activity; Besides, WiseCrop allows the remote control of irrigation/fertigation systems, it has a tool to facilitate filling of Field’s Logbook and a tool that helps in the Financial Management through precise control of daily man work. Apart from that, WiseCrop integrates other agro-services, like weather forecast, drone imaging reports and laboratories.

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