Idodi Venture Capital


Idodi Venture Capital wants to be a bridge that will link two of the most dynamic and powerful points in the current entrepreneurial scene.


Sobre Idodi Venture Capital

Idodi Venture Capital is a Spanish and Irish independent firm that invests in technology startups in the early stages (seed capital). We target the entire digital and technological industry, with a special focus on ecommerce, Saas, Mobile and Platform devices. Our invested companies that don’t have initially their home base in Ireland, must have in its roadmap plans for establishing in this country. Of this way they could use the investment potential that Ireland offers to the start-ups as well as our knowledge and contacts that we have in this market.

Datos Idodi Venture Capital

Estrategia inversión Idodi Venture Capital

Información adicional:
  • Stage: Seed/Early
  • Monthly revenue > 1.000 €
  • Pre-money valuation < 4.000.000€
  • >1 founder, team fully commited
  • Avg. ticket: 20.000-150.000 K€
  • Investments per year: 5-10

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