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Brown Deck Innovations is a software product development and mobile app development company in San Francisco bay area.

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Have you spent a year trying to launch your technology? Does your software work the way you “thought” it would? Do you miss having a CTO? Brown Deck Innovations provides strategic technology consulting (CTO-TO-GO) and software development services to companies of all sizes - from 2 people startups to Fortune 100 organizations. We do not provide “cheap unreliable coders” but rather focus on delivering end-to-end technology solutions and complete products. Not all startups need a full-time CTO or a team of engineers. With the CTO-TO-GO service, a startup can manage the technology costs more efficiently and manage release schedules according to changing needs. CTO-TO-GO gives you a technology department comparable to that of a Fortune 500 company. • C-level Technology Ownership & Communications • Full-stack and wide spectrum engineering and coding skills • Effective and efficient Product Development Lifecycles • State of the Art Solution Design and Technology Architecture • World class Portfolio and Program Management • High bandwidth availability and delivery throughout Brown Deck Innovations is a full-service custom software development company based in Silicon Valley backed by a highly experienced team (~145 employees) of full-stack engineers, project managers, product analysts and UI/ UX experts in our software development lab in India. Our Virtual CTOs are senior technology experts in Silicon Valley who have designed and built systems and products for leading tech companies like Apple, Google and LinkedIn, have had their own successful startups, or invested in, mentored and advised other startups on their tech and product strategy. Our software development processes have been built with a hybrid model in mind. We make sure our clients receive face-to-face interaction, so our virtual CTO, project manager, solution architect, and product owner roles are all in the U.S. The actual software development, coding and engineering happens offshore. With this model, our customers get the best of both worlds with the accountability of a U.S. team and the lower cost and higher outputs of an offshore development team. Customers can plan more features for the same cost and expect to go to market much faster. What is our differentiator? Every project we deliver is managed by a virtual CTO who can be an interim CTO, an operating subordinate to your CTO/VP Engineering, or an advisor to your technical managers. They provide: Strategic Insight: Anticipate, identify, and solve the endless technical problems that arise beyond the day-to-day based on their experience in managing fast-growing startups. Credible Presence: Represent your company effectively in front of potential customers, potential channel partners, trade shows and industry meetings, and investors. Resource Planning and Management: Work with your senior management to develop realistic resource plans and budgets Let us strategize a plan that can help you now! Make your dream app or website become a reality much faster and at a much lower cost than hiring a full time CTO and a software development team! And just for engaging with us, we will do a health check of your technology strategy and roadmap!

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