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BoatBureau is an Online Boat Charter Agency born in 2011. Our purpose? To make easier the desire of chartering any kind of boat worldwide!

About Boat Bureau

BoatBureau is an initiative launched in 2011 with the purpose to help people fulfil their desire to rent any type of boat. Since then, our mission has been to encourage and promote the rental of the multiple boats that are found in the market in a professional way to allow people to realise their dreams. The corporate culture of BoatBureau has his roots in teamwork, with an overhead level of efficiency and with transparent communication in every sense. These solid principles are the base of the social commitment of our company with a task that is focused on customer satisfaction, providing a special service based on rigorousness and innovation. Our values represent our collective identity. We are different because the people who work in BoatBureau make this company a unique and different project. We are efficient, we know how to listen, we look for innovation and we work as a team in a simple way with fun and rigor. This initiative constitutes of professionals from all sectors where teamwork, commitment, the spirit of cooperation, the search of the excellency, passion for the customer and the desire to improve dominates. The initiative and the flexibility are requirements in our team since they generate a stimulating and positive impact into our customers. Each professional contributes the best of himself, accepting and valuing differences and building relations through respect and growth. We hope you enjoy using our services as much as we do providing them while working as a team. BoatBureau is the present, so be part of this present!

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Created Spain, April/2011
Status Growth

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