Kantox FX


Low Cost FX platform, allowing the companies to reduce their FX cost by 50-80%.

About Kantox FX

Kantox offers SME's and mid-caps a solution usually only available to large companies. Instead of bids and offers, the mid-market rates are displayed on our platform to provide you full transparency and trades can be closed in just 1 click. Example Let's say you are a company located in Europe, importing goods from China and paying your Chinese provider in US Dollars. In the Kantox marketplace, you can easily find another company, located in Europe, exporting goods to the US who has US Dollars to sell in exchange of your Euros. Like 78% of our clients, you will probably achieve savings of more than 80% compared to your bank or broker.

Data Kantox FX

Created United Kingdom · Spain, April/2011
Status Growth
Total inversión 1.520.000€
Rondas inversión
  • Early/Startup 02/2014
    6.400,00 K€
  • Early/Startup 05/2015
    11.000,00 K$
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