Tetuan Valley


One of the first pre-accelerator program in Europe. Get from idea to prototype in 6 weeks for 0€ + 0%. 550 alumni and growing.

Sobre Tetuan Valley

Tetuan Valley is several things: 1. A pre-accelerator: Tetuan Valley Startup School is a program for entrepreneurs that want to create tech-based startups. Our team selects individuals with potential to convert them into great entrepreneurs during our intensive courses that happen twice each year. In our program, conducted entirely in English, students get to know the basics of startup culture by listening to talks from Spanish and international mentors. They also learn to sell their product from weekly Pitch Practices and receive invaluable information through feedback from peers, mentors, and alumni from other editions. This helps to create a unique environment of unity and cooperation. 2. A community: Our community has continued to grow with each new edition of the startup school. While some have continued with their original ideas from the startup school, others have chosen to pursue more promising ideas and have even founded new startups with other alumni. We don’t limit our community to include only our alumni. Many startups have approached us because they’re passionate about what we do and want to contribute to and become a part of our network. We currently have about 100 active startups in our community and are growing each year. 3. A sense of identity: Because we’re one of the first pre-accelerators in Europe that has been active before the startup boom, Tetuan Valley has become a brand with a great reputation on both the national level and the European level. We act as intermediaries for our startups by filtering and passing on proposals we are sent from interesting accelerators, media, courses, universities, startups, investors and other entities. We do everything we can to help entrepreneurs and their projects grow beyond our borders. But what it really is, is a state of mind.

Datos Tetuan Valley


Estrategia de la acceleradora

  • Looking for pre-SEED/EARLY stage
  • Equity taken: NO
  • Program lasts: 6 weeks
  • Mentors: YES
  • Training: YES
  • Office space: Possible
  • Others: Tech co-founder required to enter the program.