Crowdcube is the world’s leading investment crowdfunding site, enabling investors to help entrepreneurs raise the finance they need to grow.

Sobre Crowdcube

Crowdcube is the leading investment crowdfunding service allowing anyone to invest or loan small amounts in small companies in return for equity or an annual return. We provide a platform for entrepreneurs of start-ups and growing businesses to connect with potential investors, using the web-based notion of ‘crowdfunding’ where a community of like minded people pool their money and knowledge together to back an idea, business or person. HOW IT WORKS: 1- As entrepreneur you will connect with tens of thousands of angel investors and get the investment you need, fast. With no up-front fees. 2- Once you've hit your target our completions team and experienced legal team will help you close the deal properly, helping you with relevant legal paperwork and issuing new share certificates. 3- Once funded, we trust you to run your business properly and treat your investors fairly and without prejudice. With Crowdcube, investors become direct legal shareholders - just the way they like it - in your company through A (voting) and B (non voting) shares. However, we will make a small investment in your company so that we can monitor your progress and of course we'll always be here to support you if necessary

Estrategia inversión Crowdcube

Información adicional:
  • Stage: Seed/Early/Growth
  • Monthly revenue > 500 €
  • At least x% monthly growth on 5%
  • Pre-money valuation < 200K €
  • >1 founder, team fully commited
  • Avg. ticket: 3.000K € - 1.000K €
  • Investments per year: >20
  • Co-investing/Leads round
  • Others: