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Brinc is a new type of IoT accelerator based in Asia, headquartered in Hong Kong with easy access to Pearl River Delta, the capital of manufacturing and distribution. We’re a group of likeminded entrepreneurs, leaders and practitioners from all over the world with a formidable combined 150 years of experience in technology, startups, crowdfunding, sourcing/logistics, manufacturing, distribution and venture capital. Now a collective driving force behind one team, Brinc bridges the gap between software, hardware and services to offer entrepreneurs a supportive roadmap that takes them through the journey from incubation to distribution and sales. We’re looking for connected device entrepreneurs that understand the importance of building products right and furthering value by developing a foundation in place for a business that’s built to last. In 2015 Brinc will launch up to 20 companies that do IoT right with a strong focus on the consumer through a suite of interconnected hardware, software and services that truly drive engagement and value.

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