Javier Megias

Business Angel

CEO and co-founder Startupxplore - Entrepreneur, investor and blogger

About Javier Megias

Javier Megias is an entrepreneur and investor passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. He is currently the CEO of STARTUPXPLORE, the premium syndicate investment platform. It helps unexperienced and time-savvy investors to diversify their portfolio by co-investing with a group of top-level investors with a proven track record on startup investment. For the past 5 years he has been advising and acting as a board member on several organizations, ranging from startups and VC funds to institutions like the European Commission. He is also an active business angel investor, has co-authored the Spain Startup Manifesto and is member of the Big Ban board, the largest independent angel investor network in Spain. Javier also writes on the blog http://javiermegias.com/blog, winner of the 2011 award to the best business Spanish-speaking blog of the world.

Estrategia inversión Javier Megias

Additional information:
  • Currently NOT open to new investments
  • Looking for SEED stage companies
  • Funds up to 30K€ per company
  • Teams fully commited
  • Usually 1-2 investments per year