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WHO WE ARE? Aggeris VC is a Pledge Fund created by two former investment banking professionals and entrepreneurs to invest in Spanish early stage start-ups. WHAT WE LOOK FOR? We invest in companies across all industries, with specific focus on sound and easy-to-understand business models in which there is a clear differentiation. In addition to the 4M rule (management, market, momentum and money), we look for companies in which we can add value through our experience and network of business professionals. OUR TEAM Many of these business professionals are members of Aggeris' investor base, which link them even more with our project. We also leverage the knowledge and experience of a group of outstanding professionals (CEO biotech company, Managing Partner VC company builder, international business development consultant and a professor of finance in top tier business schools in Spain) which are members of our advisory board, contributing with different points of view, background and expertise to the assessment of investment opportunities. INVESTMENT STYLE From an organization perspective, we have a structure similar to a VC fund but from an investment model point of view we act more like business angels, following a truly hands on approach and investing our own money in every deal that we promote and pass to our investor base. INVESTMENT GUIDELINES Deal size: Financing rounds between € 200K and € 400K. Investment size: In each deal we aim at investments between € 50K and € 150K Stage: We prefer early stage companies that has already got into the market, although occasionally we consider investments in seed stage. Sector: All industries considered. Due to our background, we have also a deep expertise in industrial business models. Investment term: Between 3 and 5 years.

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Created Spain, April/2016

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