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SigmaLabs is a ‘For Founders By Founders’ accelerator, that runs a 4 month program helping 4-6 early startups in each ‘wave’ accelerate to early success. The name is rooted in Sigma - the 18th letter in the Greek Alphabet (σ) – (Chai/חי/life in Hebrew). We breathe life into Startups. Sigma represents “standard deviation” in statistics– we are data and mathematically driven, logical, and always solving. We are focused on improving the odds of our participating startups success pushing them far ahead of the median.  At SigmaLabs, we help early stage startups develop their first product to address a market need. What we offer for our startups is a high end, personal, and deep ongoing mentorship with top mentors, optional funding plans, office hours with various experts, close relationship with Entrée Capital, Yahoo and other providers, as well as office space and infrastructure.
What is the SigmaLabs deep mentoring concept? Successful entrepreneurs, CEOs & founders of startup companies that either sold their companies or IPO’d, such as Aviad Eyal (serial entrepreneur), Ido Yablonka (Claritiray), David Jackson (Seeking Alpha), Omri Moran (Kitlocate) and Gal Nachum (serial entrepreneur), work exclusively with each team to lead them to success, fast. Our mentors are assigned to a startup during the program and meet regularly with the team. Mentors have rich feedback processes from the accelerator staff and meet regularly to help progress the startups. Added to that, our CTO in residence Alex Liverant, product experts, marketing experts and more are made available for our teams. The Result: product and market fit, early success and a greater chance to close a financing round. We believe in making the Israeli tech community come together, collaborate and support one another.
Organization founded in Israel. Since October/2015.


  • Others:
    • Looking for SEED/EARLY/GROWTH stage
    • Equity taken: NO
    • Program lasts: 4 months
    • Mentors: YES
    • Office space: YES
    • Others:
    • CTO is a must


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