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About Beerify

Everything started with our love for craft beer, which pushed us to store the names of the beers we liked in order to remember them. Soon, this resulted in the creation of a real beer directory, with our opinions about all the beers tried as well as some technical information about them. This personal directory makes us thinking that there were many people in our environment with the same passion for craft beer but often little knowledge about it. Since nobody in the beer context has solved the issue yet (unlike the wine sector where there is Vivino), we aspire to give people a guide for orient themselves in the exciting world of craft beer and take part to a community of individuals with the same interest. Through the analysis of Google Trends data and other search engines statistics, we found out that we are currently experiencing an historical maximum for craft beer popularity. People desire to know more about craft beers but, unfortunately, there is no solution giving them the opportunity of fully enjoying this universe at the moment. Only fragmented solutions are proposed, such as Untappd, which is mainly social and limited to North-America (with a negligible presence in Europe). Thanks to Beerify we can offer a wider experience for the consumer, with emphasis in craft beers, and adding a recommendation system not present in other products. With our application we aim to offer users a new experience, making it easier for them to have access to all the information about craft beers organized in a centralized and clear manner. We aspire to complement each beer description with both the knowledge of brewmasters and the opinion of the community, and we are aware that an excellent UX and a very polish design can increase information value and enrich user experience. The best friend of all the craft beer lovers will be our distinctive brand promise.

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Created Spain, October/2016
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