Nubentos drives adoption of Digital Health innovations by simplifying their discovery, access and integration in any software for Health


There are hundreds of thousands of innovations around the world for Digital Health and new advances and new solutions are emerging that are increasingly disruptive and have a greater impact on healthcare. The healthcare ecosystem is increasingly aware, especially in the wake of the pandemic, of the need to incorporate the best innovations into day-to-day healthcare. Today, companies offering these innovations face high development and operational costs, which forces them to set high costs and target their commercial activity at high-profile customers who can afford their prices. Moreover, after a time- and resource-intensive commercial activity, with each new customer they face the problem of integrating their solution into the customer's ecosystem. Again, time and resources for a necessary step for each customer, which is essentially solved in a similar way. On the other side, institutions and actors in the healthcare ecosystem have no place of reference to help them know what innovations are available. They are largely dependent on the commercial action of the technology companies that provide these innovations. They also face very high costs, which automatically put most of the sector out of business. And they must also make great efforts to integrate and maintain each third-party solution in their digital ecosystem, as each provider offers its solution with different technologies, different security protocols, etc., etc. In other words, the way in which the ecosystem is accessing these innovations is slow, inefficient, costly and unbalanced, leaving 80% of the sector far behind in the process of healthcare digitisation. At Nubentos we are working to change all this. We are a game changer. For technology companies that develop and offer all these innovations for Digital Health, Nubentos is an additional sales and integration channel, multi-client, where with a single integration, they have their product available for any player in the ecosystem to integrate it into their software without having to invest more resources. We provide them with more customers and growing recurring revenue at zero cost. For the healthcare ecosystem, we are the reference platform for innovation in Digital Health. The place to look for third party innovations that interest them, and their partners to look for solutions that they cannot find and bring them to our platform. We are also for them the B2B mediator that standardises the heterogeneous technology of vendors, significantly simplifying the access, testing and integration of any innovation in any healthcare software or Health App. They save not only search time, but above all costs: because in Nubentos they access all these innovations without licensing costs, and the costs are deferred to the end of the development cycle, where they appear in an auto-scaled way thanks to pay-per-use. As much you use it, so much it costs. The use ceases, the cost disappears. Thanks to this model, we make all these innovations accessible and affordable to the entire healthcare ecosystem, regardless of the size and budget of the client. In short, we accelerate the adoption of Digital Health by the entire Healthcare Ecosystem worldwide.


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