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It’s time to start innovating for our parents the same way we innovate for kids, teens and adults, click here for more info to help older adults spending their senior years at home. Our promise is to provide caregivers in less than an hour.

Technology can both improve home care and bring down the cost. Many people assume that tech and older people don’t mix, that it’s too risky to invest in innovation for this sector. But our parents use tablets. They drive cars. They use ATMs. All were innovations in their time, and now we can’t remember living without them.

We use technology to ensure our clients receive the highest level of service. Joyners is a game changer in high-quality home care. Technology means time efficiency, and time efficiency allows to operate with caregivers with skills over the market average such as part-time doctors, part-time nurses and also top rated caregivers.

Family members also get an app, which they can use to see how long the professional stays in the senior’s home and what that person does there. Our apps also make it much easier for Care Pros to do their job and manage their clients efficiently.

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