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Why we emphasize cash flow analysis?

cash flow

Learn about cash flow analysis and why it is a crucial factor in a startup that, if left out, can lead to failure. We explain how we analyze the cash flow in Startupxplore and why we do it.

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How could the analysis of the startup carried out by Startupxplore affect my profitability?

Posted on 19/12/2017
due diligence

There is one part of Startupxplore that we consider vital, and that is the analysis we carry out of the startup, what is commonly known as a limited Due Diligence and which we like to call “thorough analysis” of the key matters. This is nothing more than an analysis of the company on various aspects to validate the existence of certain risks and, if they exist, whether it makes sense to bear them. Our analysis focuses on the legal, tax, ...

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Off to conquer the world? Be aware of the difficulties of internationalization (although start-ups seem to be doing better)

Last year the number of Spanish exporting companies was 147,000, only 4.55% of the total. Although funding is an obstacle for all SMEs, the situation is much brighter for start-ups.

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The Periodic Table of Spain Tech Startup Ecosystem

If you want to discover the key players of the tech startup ecosystem in Spain, search no more: we have created an infographic that gathers ther top spanish startups by market, as well as the most notable investors and accelerators. You'll also find the most voted top spanish startups

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Bitcoin pioneers rub their hands as it emerges from the underworld

Posted on 16/11/2015

Long time ago, Bitcoin seemed a geek's thing. Now, the most important investors in the world put their money in this cryptocurrency... but why? what's the future of Bitcoin?

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The Spanish startup ecosystem in Q4 2014: €77M raised (+315% YoY)

Posted on 04/02/2015

This is our investment report for the fourth quarter of 2014, which closes a great year for Spanish startups and investors with notable investment deals and exits.

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Software patents in Europe: how do they affect startups?

Posted on 28/01/2015
startup patents in europe

Software patents continue to be enforced by shadow companies in an effort to make money out of nothing. However, what's the situation in Europe? How do software patents affect startups?

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These are the 5 hottest startup sectors where investors are putting their euros

europe top investment sectors

The European startup scene has evolved significantly over the past years, as investors are pouring more money into the market. To highlight this we've looked at the the five most attractive startup sectors for business angels and Venture Capital firms.

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The best tools for startup investors to identify and track investments

Posted on 05/11/2014
tools for startup investors

The time of investors and startups is limited. That's why there are some tools (online and offline) that help investors find new and interesting startups and, once backed, keep track of them. Here's a list of the most used by investors at all stages.

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The current state of the European startup investment market in 4 graphs

europe startup financing

In order to better understand the European tech ecosystem we've put together a list of 4 graphs that visually explain the current situation of the European startup financing market. Quick and unsurprising tip? London is still the central hub of the old continent for Venture Capital firms and technology companies.

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