Interviews with startup investors and CEO startups and other actors of the European startup ecosystem. Learning from those who know.

Q&A with Michael Pryor, CEO of TRELLO about their product and their launch in Spain

Posted on 02/06/2015

We interview the CEO of Trello to know more about their origins, how did they scale up to so many zillions of users and about the motivations of targeting Spain.

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Q&A: Ignacio Vilela talks about Startcaps Ventures, a SF-based microVC with Spanish origins

startcaps ventures

We sat down with Ignacio Vilela, founding partner of Startcaps Ventures, to talk about his firm's origins and his view on the Spanish startup ecosystem.

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Q&A with Juan Margenat: building companies and investing from Barcelona

juan margenat marfeel

We sat down with Juan Margenat to talk about the investment landscape in Spain and the challenges they've faced as they continue to build Marfeel from Barcelona.

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Q&A with Rodrigo Martínez: Point Nine Capital, angel-VCs and Berlin’s ecosystem

We sat down with Rodrigo Martínez from Point Nine Capital to talk about the history of the angel-VC fund, what they look for in startups and the evolution of Berlin's startup ecosystem.

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“Fundraising is all about Darwinism: only the most persistent will raise money and survive”

Posted on 14/01/2015

Kantox is one of the European leading fintech companies. Focused on the FX sector, the Barcelona-based company aims to disrupt the way foreign currency exchange is done. In this interview with co-founder and CEO Philippe Gelis explains their mission.

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What these startup founders and tech media people shared in 2014

Posted on 30/12/2014
2014 startupxplore interviews

It's time for startup founders and media members to talk. For our last post of 2014 we've put together a list of the best quotes from founders and journalists we've interviewed over the past few months.

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Startupxplore’s interviews: what investors, accelerators and policy makers told us in 2014

Posted on 23/12/2014
startupxplore interviews 2014

In 2014 we've interviewed a bunch of investors, accelerators and policy makers at Startupxplore. To finish the year we've put together a list of the best quotes shared by our interviewees.

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“Fundraising is like trying to play chess while riding a rollercoaster” David Troya, Glamping Hub

Posted on 17/12/2014
glamping hub interview

We sat down with Glamping Hub co-founder David Troya to talk about why he made the decision to launch his startup in Sevilla and not San Francisco. David also shares his thoughts on how tough fundraising can be.

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How opening up to the world changed the Berlin startup ecosystem: an interview with Ciaran O’Leary

berlin startup ecosystem

Interview with Ciaran O'Leary at Berlin-based Earlybird VC. Earlybird is a firm with €800 million under mangament and more than 100 companies in its portfolio. In this interview we talk about Berlin and the European Venture Capital ecosystem.

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“If there’s innovation, there’s investment” Lessons from the French startup ecosystem by Liam Boogar, Rude Baguette

Liam Boogar is the co-founder of Rude Baguette, an English-language publication covering the French startup ecosystem. This interview with Liam is a must read for anyone interested in the online media sector and in the evolution of the French scene over the past few years.

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