How is the European startup ecosystem evolving? Everything about our thriving entrepreneurial world.

Start-ups which made it big

Posted on 30/07/2020

Starting your own business might seem like a dream situation – being your own boss, working from home, doing a job or championing a product which you’re passionate about – but the reality can be very different.

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The Periodic Table of Spain Tech Startup Ecosystem

If you want to discover the key players of the tech startup ecosystem in Spain, search no more: we have created an infographic that gathers ther top spanish startups by market, as well as the most notable investors and accelerators. You'll also find the most voted top spanish startups

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The multimillionnaire business behind bots: Silicon Valley’s new obsession

Silicon Valley’s new generations bet for a different system of interaction: bots. It's possible to order lunch, ask for a taxi or communicate with your work colleages thanks to the intelligent virtual assistants that live in chats and respond to text orders from users, connecting to other services to satisfy their needs. They eliminate the need to continuously change app, or of having the screen of your smartphone filled with them.

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Q&A: Ignacio Vilela talks about Startcaps Ventures, a SF-based microVC with Spanish origins

startcaps ventures

We sat down with Ignacio Vilela, founding partner of Startcaps Ventures, to talk about his firm's origins and his view on the Spanish startup ecosystem.

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The biggest challenge for startup founders and CEOs: hiring the right people

Posted on 25/11/2014
startup hiring

Startup CEOs and founders face many challenges over time. But one of the main ones is finding the right talent for their startup. In this guest post, Marta Díaz shares some key insights from Talentoscopio's startup hiring study.

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More than good vodka: the Polish startup scene

Posted on 28/10/2014
polish startup scene

At Startupxplore we believe in Europe. Not just in London, Tel Aviv or Berlin, but also in other smaller but promising ecosystems that might give birth to the next $1 billion startup. Poland might be one of them, and to find out more about the market we've invited writer Anna Spysz.

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Spain, startups and success is a good combination. Here are 4 examples

Posted on 23/09/2014
spanish successful startups

The investment landscape in Spain is improving at a healthy rate and a number of Spanish companies have already become huge successes for both its founders and investors. Which ones? Continue reading to find out.

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Plan your next few months: 9 startup events in Europe you shouldn’t miss

Posted on 09/09/2014
startup events europe

Four months to finish 2014 and you still don't know which tech conferences to attend? To help you we've put together a list of 9 European must-attend events for startup founders, CEOs and investors.

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Summer in Spain: Paella, sangria, beach and… startups!

Posted on 26/08/2014
summer spain startups

Every summer thousands of foreigners come to Spain to have fun, enjoy our food, beaches and relax. Among them there are probably a bunch of lucky startup founders, CEOs and investors that have Spain as their destination. Instead of doing what most tourists do, why don't you take the advantage to improve your startup? Here are some tips.

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Venture Capital according to Mark Suster, Berlin’s Moped postmortem and more. SXPLR’s curated picks

Posted on 01/08/2014
venture capital evolution

There are many interesting stories and articles out there about startups, venture capital and technology in general. However, finding them is not easy on a day to day basis. To help you with that, we've chosen six articles that are worth reading.

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