The Periodic Table of Spain Tech Startup Ecosystem

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The blooming Spanish startups scene continues its constant growth, accounting now several thousands of companies. And each and every day we find new success stories from the Spanish startup ecosystem that inspire both professional angel investors and VCs from all across Europe to discover the Spanish Miracle.

That’s why Startupxplore, with the help of some of the most notable investors in Spain Tech, has tried to shape this reality in the form of a periodic table, where the top startups, accelerators and most influential investors from Spain are shown.

We have also created an interactive version of the table, where you’ll be able to access the profile of each and everyone of these startups.

Access to the interactive version

Periodic table of Spain Tech - Best Startups, investors and accelerators from Spain

Download the PDF version of periodic table


So, where there used to be the noble metals and metalloids now you’ll find the top tech companies one each sector… and way more

From left to right:

Methodology: Each and every one of the companies listed in the table are there because they have been voted by top investors and accelerators that are part of the community of Startupxplore, according to their futre impact, perspective and the growth potential inside their markets.


The most voted top spanish startups are:

  1. Carto (previously known as CartoDB)
  2. Wallapop
  3. Cabify
  4. Hawkers
  5. Kantox
  6. Chicfy
  7. Habitissimo
  8. Scytl
  9. Hooptap
  10. Typeform


We have also prepared a long infographic that expands all this information:


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