Understanding startup investment

Learn the ropes on startup investment: definitions in plain English.

How does dilution affect my shares?


As an investor, do you know what dilution is and whether or not it should concern you? Here we give you the basics about what dilution is, what it consists of, when it occurs and how it can affect your participations.

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Diversification and the probability of independent events: advantages of diversification

Diversification and the probability of independent events

Why is diversification so important? In this post, we answer this question based on the theory of probability of independent events, where we see that the more startups in our portfolio, the less risk there is of failure and therefore, more probability of success we can achieve.

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We present you the evolution of Startupxplore


We explain the improvements in Startupxplore, as well as the steps we follow to select new opportunities and how the investment is made. Learn about the evolution of our premium investment platform.

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What has brought us here? Startupxplore’s retrospective


Today we are going to go a little bit out of the usual blog tone, and we are going to talk in first person. We would like to share with you a little chronicle of what these last two years have been like for us, what we have learned along the way and how we see the investment platform market... All this before telling you what you are going to see in Startupxplore from now on ;-) THE ADVENTURE OF CREATING STARTUPXPLORE Just over two years ...

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A new paradise for investors: the middle east, from petrodollars to startups

Middle East a place where western investors can use to invest in technology startups as they have settled the foundations necessary for the development of new business proposals. Undoubtedly, one of the key factors has been the landing of business angels in the region, which gives greater credibility to projects and increase their chances of success. Meet the new Middle East!

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Future unicorns: the ten startups with most chances of becoming part of the select 1000 million club

Experts and analysts speculate to determine which startups will reach the desired limit of 1000 Million Dollars during this year. Names as Cyanogen, 3d Robotics and the Spanish app Wallapop are among the favourites.

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How to talk like a startup investor

Posted on 18/02/2015
talk like a startup investor

If you're an investor interested in startups, check this post on how to talk like a startup investor and do well in your network.

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Key differences between startup syndicate funding and equity crowdfunding

startup syndicate funding

Syndicate funding and equity crowdfunding: two interesting, but different, beasts. We explain the main differences between both investing models.

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How does a Venture Capital firm work?

Posted on 07/01/2015
how dows venture capital work

There are many terms associated to the Venture Capital industry that might not be known to other investors and entrepreneurs, and in this article we’ll try to explain the main ones.

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What startup CEOs must know: angel syndicate funding FAQ

Posted on 09/12/2014
angel syndicate funding

Following our explanation of how syndicate funding works, we want to respond to the key questions startup CEOs might face when they consider syndicate funding as a financing option.

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