Our day 1 begins

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Dear investor,

Already two months have passed since everything changed, and at Startupxplore we believe that it is time to start contributing to the economic comeback, exploring the investment opportunities that this new scenario presents. 

During this time, we have been taking care of our own people and the environment. But this period has served, as well, to reflect on and think about what role we should play at Startupxplore in a post-COVID world, how we should evolve as a company and how to do it maintaining our vision and lait motif.

We firmly believe that the economic rebuild of a country requires the creation of a new productive fabric, and at this point, our platform, as well as the investors and entrepreneurs who trust in it, can play a key role. From Startupxplore, we have the possibility of acting as a bridge between private savings and the projects and business ideas that make us evolve. Together, we have in our hands the opportunity to help build a future, and this, we have no doubt, is what will make us grow as a country and as a society. 

Helping to connect private savings with businesses is and must be a three-way job. First, we will continue to search and try to find the best investment opportunities out there, second, by doing so with teams committed to building new businesses that have the capacity to capture value for their partners and, and third, with you, who will have the final decision, only if the proposals are worthy of your trust, they will be financed with.

But beyond Equity Crowdfunding, we want to maximize our impact, so we would like to share with you that we are working on new products and investment formulas, so that we can satisfy different risk/return profiles. We think it is appropriate that we start our particular evolution and move from being only a startup financier to a company financier. We will talk about that in more detail later on.

As Jeff Bezos said on May 15th, 1997: “today is day 1”. Our reason for being, and what will determine our own success, will be the value that we help you to create in the long term as partners of the companies that are starting today.

Today begins our particular day 1, we hope to continue counting on your trust.

Best regards

Nacho Ormeño
CoFounder and Chief Executive Officer


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