5 Ways to Boost Your Start Up’s Efficiency in 2020

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Running a business requires a lot of organization and a strategic plan to follow. Striking a balance between all your focus areas is vital and will enable you to manage your resources better and adequately organize your finances. 

Modern technology is instrumental as an entrepreneur because it helps you become more productive, organized, and enables you to run a smoother operation. Adjusting to technology, finances, and time management are only some of the issues entrepreneurs face daily. 

To increase the level of productivity in your business, here are five tips on how to boost efficiency as a start-up. 

1. Build a CCPA compliant website

Data privacy laws ensure that your business uses user data in confidentiality

The more you know about your users and their behavior, the better you can customize your services or products to fit their needs. And as your business gr ows, you find yourself asking for an increasing amount of information from your users.

While collecting your client’s data may not be illegal or unacceptable, you must make sure to build a data collecting system via your website that is aligned with the policies of data collection within your locality and that of your business. 

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) instructs businesses to enable their users to opt-out of having their data sold to third parties. It also requires you to reveal what data has already been collected and delete it if customers request it. 

Osano’s CCPA guide explains that businesses should collect only the data that is mandatory for their services. The more data you collect, the riskier it gets for the user and your business. It is necessary to build a website with features that will prevent it from exposing your users’ personal data. 

By protecting the information of your clients, you increase users’ trust and, subsequently, investors’ confidence, which is beneficial to your business. 

2. Document every process 

Every step you document on Slite can be referenced in split seconds and on the go

Believe it or not, documenting major activities and business moves is useful for organization in business. An efficient business is careful not to repeat errors and already accomplished feats more than necessary. 

Documenting your processes helps you avoid errors that have already been made and even show you how to do so if properly documented. It enables you to keep track and identify drawbacks and inefficiencies.

As a start-up, it is common to get overwhelmed with information or business proceedings as the company expands. It’s wise to document as much as you can to use this information as a reference in the future or for other members coming on board. 

You can use these documents to help new employees comprehend their job roles and accustom themselves to the business processes. A documented process saves time and prevents mistakes by eliminating any confusion and providing precise instructions. 

There are many document process templates that help you to start documenting on the go and without hassle. Slite is one such that gives you access to different types of documentation templates that you can customize as you wish. Another upside is that it’s free to use. You have no excuse! 

3. Conduct user experience research

UX research helps you to align your offerings with the customers’ needs

UX (user experience) research involves studying your target website users and their requirements to create realistic contexts and add insights to design processes. 

As a startup business owner, with UX research, you’ll be better able to give users the best solutions because you can find out exactly what they need or are looking for. 

One significant benefit of UX Research is that it helps you understand users’ behaviors and to make more organized decisions. It also helps to eliminate bias from the design process by asking practical questions.

While all this may look very complex and seemingly difficult to achieve, you can carry out user experience research with tools that have been built to ease this process. UX research is fundamental because it is crucial to generating more users for your website to serve efficiently and build a solid customer base.

4. Use A/B testing to your advantage.

A/B testing provides data facts about your customers’ preferences

As a startup, it is not advisable to develop ideas based on your guts or mere guesses. This can lead to a waste of time and resources. Data is a more reliable indicator of what your customers are like.

A/B testing involves comparing two different webpages, emails, or other digital marketing assets against each other using specific parameters to determine which one performs better. First, identify why you are A/B testing. Is it for your landing pages, sales strategies, checkouts, or every other part of your business? 

To improve your efficiency, continue A/B testing for whichever area of your business you choose as your business progresses. Don’t disregard re-testing. It will assist you in refining your marketing procedures as you move forward. 

5. Drive targeted users to your website with search engines

Excellent SEO helps to advertise your business freely on search engines 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that a search engine places it as a top result for searches of a specific keyword. From 2019 to date, Google accounts for over 70% of global search traffic, making it the largest search engine.

Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver of your business growth. As a startup, focus your efforts on optimizing your business to be more discoverable on Google. Understand what your users are looking for. The best way to find out about this is to source feedback from target customers.

Make use of social media, Google Analytics, and the comment sections on your posts for this objective. As a startup business, use an SEO optimized page. This will help to increase traffic and generate more sales.  

Not only does SEO generate more sales, but with great results, you hardly have to pay for ad space. 


Monitoring the steps and the procedures you put in place for your business will help you to learn and observe what will work best for your business. Efficiency is critical for running a business; however, don’t let working towards a more efficient business cloud your visions and goals for the company. 

With all processes working in tandem and alignment with the company goals, the business will continue to grow and become strengthened in the industry. 

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