5 Ways To Improve Your Employees Engagement Rates In Your Business

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Are your employees going a bit off track? Don’t worry, this can happen with any business. With the shift in business culture, employee engagement is a major concern now.

A disengaged team is an underperforming team, and, on the reverse, a team that is fully engaged is capable of incredible performance.

What can you do to boost employee engagement in your business? Is there any strategy that you can implement?

Working on employee engagement requires lots of to-dos. Don’t just implement a sort of system and set yourself aside. Get involved! You need to work aligned with employees to know what is making them lose engagement here.

Its buy-in from your undivided team of leaders and well-laid engagement strategy is what you need to boost your business. In this post, we reveal to you the top 5 ways to improve employee engagement rates in your business in 2021.

5 employee engagement secrets every business leader should know in 2021

Engagement is a critical component of organizational effectiveness. It is the willingness and capacity of an individual to perform a specific task within the organization.

Nowadays, it is mostly about management and leadership effectiveness because the last few years have shown a sharp decline in the quality and quantity of employees with high engagement levels. If your employees are bored and unengaged, your business will perform nowhere near its full potential.

But, you do not need to wait for your employees to go through some sort of negative performance review and be a victim of a leader’s anger that will lead to some behavior that is not up to standards. Instead, you should be able to notice signs. Observe them.

Understand from an employee’s point of view but running an empire, you can’t meet up all the requirements. But you can plan and take the initiative, and the rest will be done by employees.

Here are five tips for creating an engaged team..

1. Create an environment of teamwork 

Teamwork is the dream work. This means if each and every player in your team is not efficient at their job, your business is highly vulnerable to failure. Creating an atmosphere where your team understands this responsibility is critical for their best performance. You cannot expect a team to be engaged when they are not really aware of being part of a larger team. 

This means it is critical for business leaders at every level to create a sense of importance and purpose in their team members. Self-motivation is the most sustainable strategy to keep a person motivated.

You must create a shared vision for your team. When they know what they are striving for, they will feel more invested. They want to see themselves succeed, and they will invest their time and effort in those goals.

This can be done by developing a mission statement easily. While this might sound like a cliché, it is a proven strategy that can be used to build a culture of commitment. It is frequently used by companies and organizations to align their employees and their goals.

Another way to get a team to feel more included is to move from a hierarchical structure to a team-based structure. Instead of having one manager for each employee, you should appoint a tea leader. This is an effective way for the team to build a sense of ownership over their work without having to work directly under the manager. It also keeps the workloads streamlined.

2. Keep the feedback loop open

Feedback surveys are an excellent way to measure the quality of your team’s performance because Until you ask your employees, you’ll be in the dark. Most teams would like to know how they are doing, but they also want to know how they are doing.

By allowing your employees to provide information, you will be able to make positive changes and ensure that you are headed in the right direction. You will create a sense of engagement in your employees. If you have not asked them before, then it will be a good idea to start asking them now so that you can measure the results.

You can use feedback surveys in many ways. Do you have a monthly meeting? You can ask for feedback during these meetings. Do you have a weekly meeting with your team for a specific purpose? You can give them a survey before and after these meetings. You can even have a single random survey sent to each of your employees.

When you use feedback surveys, you are giving your team a chance to show you the best of the best. This is why it is one of the best strategies for increasing engagement levels. 

3. Strive to build trust 

Remember, trust is the key.

You cannot expect to get the best results from your team if you do not create a culture of trust. When people trust you, they will be willing to freely share information with you because they know that you will not be sharing it with others.

When people trust you, they will even be willing to; you can be sure that your decisions will be reviewed, and there should be no surprises. This will increase engagement levels because your team will not be afraid to speak up or ask questions.

If you want to make an impact on the future of your team, you must create a culture that ensures that your team members feel safe to share their opinions and ideas. You can do this by establishing a Work Environment Accountability Committee. This is where you can establish and implement a set of guidelines that will ensure that everyone is benefiting from the work that you are doing, as well as the organizational objectives.

You should also be very careful about hiring. If you hire people with their agendas, you will be facing a culture of distrust. Instead of a culture of trust, you will find yourself with a culture of fear. 

4. Introduce engagement tools

If you run a gigantic empire and you have no time to communicate and look after your employees. Things may go off track. You need someone to replace you.

A reward system is more like an appraisal system. You will find different types of employee engagement software to choose one. Find one that best suits your business type!

What all comes in engagement software? You can reward employees with points; internally also employees can reward each other; this will create a positive environment among employees and helps to build relations.

You can have an environment where employees feel appreciated. It contains games, quizzes, internal appreciation, points, rewards, and highlights. These things make employees happy and relax them.

There are many tools you can consider when you are looking all by yourself.

a. Perkbox

What makes this tool so unique is its capability to personalize the experience of every employee with your organization equally. Its varied range of employee perks and programs ensures that your employees are deeply connected to your business consistently. 

b. Motivosity

This tool has gone beyond performance. Here, employees can fully engage themselves through planning, coaching succession, etc.

With the increase in adrenaline in their blood, your business will gain a hike in no time.

5. Indulge them in volunteering programs

Offering employees to indulge in activities with paid time off for the root they care about is becoming popular day by day among companies. Volunteering programs does this the best.

Infact, some of the best company volunteering programs like adventurous activities and social welfare campaigns have been a proven strategy for improving engagement amongst employees. But this one completely depends upon your office culture and resources.

The root cause can be anything from celebrating the tradition of the country, volunteering in orphans, donating books and other belongings, to traveling to different programs happening around the world.

Employees can volunteer in different boot camps; they can encourage education. Taking paid time off and educating a group of kids is a good cause. Volunteering activities are all about getting out of your work routine and exploring and lending a helping hand, then coming back with a rebooted mind is all that’s needed. You can be creative and engaging in these volunteering activities. 

So, what are you waiting for?


Improving your employee engagement rates is not a tough task to accomplish. Implementing a well-laid system and deciding the flow of the year that includes other activities apart from company stuff is all an employee needs to stay and increase engagement.

Avoid being boring; come up with fresh ideas that will build your work culture. Keep the feedback loop open and understand how to solve their problems. You would reach the most efficient and creative ideas to retain employee engagement.

Lend a hand, listen to your employee about what they want to discuss with you. Is there any problem they are facing in your company?

Let employees know that they serve an important role in your organization. Value their efforts. Make them feel that you as an organization care about their personal development.

So now, when you know how to keep your employee motivated, how are you going to steer your employee engagement programs?

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