Andreas Mihalovits

Business Angel

Founder of a German internet company back in 1999, that is profitable since 2001 with 200 employees as of today. Investor since 2012.

Sobre Andreas Mihalovits

Are you also in investor and do you live around Marbella? Then don't hesitate to join the Marbella Tech Angels group: https://www.marbellatechangels.com Investments: 2017: 360Visualizer (Finland) 2017: Relendo (Spain) 2017: PadelManager (Spain) 2017: Wuolah (Spain) 2017: Beroomers (Spain) 2017: Glassy Pro (Spain) 2017: blinkfire analytics (USA/Spain) 2017: valeet (Spain) 2016: furgo (Spain) 2016: Easy Payment Gateway (UK) 2016: comprea (Spain) 2016: boolino (Spain) 2015: SKARA - The Blade Remains (Spain) 2015: Tinitell (Sweden) 2014: Hero Gaming (Malta) 2014: Readly (Sweden) 2014: Promineo Studios (Spain) 2012: Tactile Entertainment (Denmark)

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  • Stage: Seed/Early