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Imagine this: It’s summer, you’re enjoying a beautiful beach, and you take a picture to have this memory with you. You go back to the office, take a look at your picture, but, uhm… You don’t really get the same feeling that you got when you were there.

Now, imagine that at the same time you are looking at that picture, you can hear the sound of the waves breaking on the sand… Oh yeah! Now you really feel like you were at the beach again, instead at a boring office, don’t you?

This is what you can do with Audiosnaps, the app that allows users not only to capture images, but capture moments

AudioSnaps is the next step in photography, an app that lets you capture moments and keep them forever in a more vivid way

Audiosnaps is a Spanish startup founded by Marc Sallent and Daniel Rocasalbas. They were enjoying a beautiful landscape with their friends and they took a picture of it, but they realized that they were missing the sound on that picture. That’s how they decided creating Audiosnaps. After hard work, they developed their own format for pictures with sound, by embedding the audio in a JPEG, and the rest is history! They developed their own format!

In 2013, they closed one funding round (look who invested in!)

We had the chance to have an interview with them this week via Twitter, and this is what they told us:

Thanks Audiosnaps for answering all that questions. We’re happy to know a bit more about what you do.

So, these are the kind of startups you can find on Creative, innovative and talented. We’ll introduce you to more amazing startups soon!

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