Meet Simbiotika, the LinkedIn for Spanish companies

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Have you ever tried to find advanced information about a company? Or, let’s start from the beginning…. What is advanced information for a company? We refer to balance sheets, income statements, profit & loss statement or even head of chief contacts and online reputation analysis. This type of valuable information for any organization doesn’t seem easy to find, does it?

The high availability of capital in the past few years has changed the investment landscape significantly. Startups are taking longer than usual to go public because they can grow and scale with private money and this affects the market as a whole. But it also affects those who are looking for relevant information from such companies.

Privately-held enterprises, opposed to public companies, don’t have to disclose any kind of financial information to the public, only to their local financial institutions. This has created an opportunity for companies like PrivCo and Sageworks -both based in the US- who have created lucrative businesses out of collecting, analyzing and selling financial information from private companies.

And this is a problem that Simbiotika is also trying to solve. In Spain and Europe there are already other companies providing this very same services –Axesor and Einforma are two Spanish examples- and Simbiotika is one of the latest to join the space. They collect all the information that companies publish on their platform, and their team work on it to make it useful for other companies that ask for it.


We had the chance to interview Jose Gabriel García, CEO of Simbiotika, and this is what he told us:

We are proud of having innovative startups on Startupxplore, like Typeform or Audiosnaps, that get into a traditional sector (forms, photography or company’s information) and use technology to adapt it to a new market, in order to make users life easier.

Simbiotika was created in 2006 and they have already got around 600 K € investment from public Spanish institutions and private business angels, and they’re growing fast!

equipo simbiotika-500

Congratulations guys, and keep working hard to change the rules as you’re doing so far!

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