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Last week Elena prepared a guide with tools and tips to get the most out of Startupxplore, and today, I’m going to show you an example of a nice featured profile, so you can get inspired on it. Today, our featured startup from Startupxplore will be BetRocket.

“Oh my God, are you talking about updating the startups profile? Again?” Yes, dear startups. Again.

And why are we talking about profiles again? Because we think that this is essential for your startup. Sexy profiles attract sexy investors, don’t forget that ;- )

Have you ever joined a gym, and never went back there? So this is the same. Well, we don’t mean that on Startupxplore you’re going to get awesome abs, actually, we don’t really care about your abs, but we do care about your profiles. Registering on Startupxplore and never coming back is like joining a gym and never working out.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, and let’s going to do some push-ups.


This is BetRocket profile What are they doing well?

1. Giving their profile a face. What is the first thing you see when you open a startup profile? Yes! Their logo! Logos are like faces for startups. What if an investor opens your profile, and you don’t have a face? Please, no more startups profile without faces, sorry, without logos.

2. Identifying themselves. When you get into BetRocket’s profile, you can immediately see what they do. You can read about them on the short bio, and if you are still curious, you can read more about them at the long description.

3. Making easy for investors to find them. Not only on the Social Media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc) but physically. Where are your offices? Investors will like to know that.

4. Dressing up their profile. Add pictures, people love pictures. What kind of pictures? Any that represents your startup soul, like your team working at the office, events that you join, interesting meetings, etc. Be creative! Or think of adding snapshots from your app or product.

5. Introducing their team. We are sure you have an awesome team like BetRocket, why not showing this to them? Team members and the talent you’ve gathered around your startup is one of the key priorities for investors. Remember: investors don’t invest in products, they invest in people making products.


6. Positioning on the radar. Not everybody knows, but investors have their own monitoring tasks to find startups on certain markets and industries. Make it easy for them, and help radars to find you by selecting the right tags according to industry and location. Or do you want your startup to be missing when investors look into your market?


7. Showing who’s backing them. When you see BetRocket’s profile, you can see investors and accelerators that have taken part of it. That brings credibility to them, don’t you think?


8. Telling the world. Startups are always doing cool things: new features, going to events, getting new people on the team, win awards, getting press coverage… Use the recent news sections such as Betrocket did. This will show up at the Updates section in the industry and location you’ve chosen.


BetRocket is a really nice example of a good profile on Startupxplore, but every startup has to find their own style. Just think that the top investors and tech media will be watching, so be prepared to be attractive. And remember: Sexy profiles attract sexy investors.

Get found. Get funded.

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