7 amazing ways to keep your app users active during holiday season

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Have you heard a cry … a sharp cry from the other side of the desk? Take off your headphones. Listen again. Have you heard a cry … a sharp cry from the other side of the desk?

Take off your headphones, and look at Intercom or Mixpanel.

Where the f*:-O is everybody?

whereiseverybodyI tell you where the f*:-O is everybody. It’s summer, you moronic entrepreneur.

Unless your startup product is related to accomodation, trips, ice creams, sex, gintonic, Secret, snorkel, siestas, swimming pools, mountains, did I already say sex?, tours, car and bike rentals, clubbing, trekking, bungee-jumping, mobile gaming, gastronomy, sex, Secret, gintonic, sex…your ratio of slipping away users will probably boost during the month that shouldn’t be just there, August. And in some countries, August starts in July.

No more fears, explorers. We are kindly sharing with you an unmissable list of tips to keep your user on board and thinking of you, while they’re on vacation (and let me tell you again: while you are not).

7 tactics to keep your app users thinking of you and your product during holiday season

I’ll take for granted that you’ve segmented your users. You know their likes and hobbies, you even know where they connect from. Apply your segmentation accordingly:

1. Be disruptive.

Pro-tip: Yes. Disruption never fails. Especially during their summer traffic operation.

2. Refresh their memories.


Pro-tip: Just be careful and don’t refresh the bugs too.

3. Perfect time of the year to implement the new UX interface.


Pro-tip: Just make sure you implement the new interface on their departure flight cockpit, not on the return’s one.

4. Shake up their curiosity.


Pro-tip: Remember to collect their reactions right there. Fresh opinions, direct from your users.

5. Say hi, stay connected with them. A fly-out reminder never fails.


Pro-tip: Check your intercom, mixpanel or the user onboarding and metrics app of your choice. Find the in-app messenger feature and enjoy. Just remember to say hi and give tender loving care to your users. Something like popping out a “hi, we hope you’re enjoying vacation” and the like will do the rest.

 6. Engage with your user. Time to let them feel your passion about their needs.

Pro-tip: Paraphrasing Jobs, make a dent in their lives. Just keep them on board.

 7. If everything fails, just target your user directly.

Pro-tip: avoid traffic lights and other traffic signals and posts.

Help us spread these tactics to help startups around the world.

Do you know more tips to keep users activity during holiday season? Please share with the rest of explorers!

Elena Benito

Startupxplore CMO. I love beers and mountains. And snorkeling. And customer happiness. And oh, user growth. And ah, analytics. And, yes, great content.

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