Summer startup: Why summer is the best time of the year for a startup

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Following up our post about tactics to keep your users on board and engaged in your app, we’re giving you, here and for free, 9 tips to stay focused and bring out the best from summertime to boost your startup.

Startupxplorers, find out our 9 reasons why summer is the best time of the year for a startup.

1. Summer is the best time to implement new code

Testing code is both examination and execution and takes focus. Summertime is the right moment of the year, it lets your developers focus without pressure.



2. The right time to iterate

Iterate hard.


3. Enough time and focus to design your exit strategy

During the rest part of the year, we tend to be focused pretty much on user growth and short and mid-term goals but have you thought of your exit strategy?

Summer is the right to jumpstart it. Why?

Because there’s no one around. Practice exit, hard.

4. Time to find out whether the ketchup no one knows who put it there is still ok

Let’s be honest, we can hear growls, hoots, howls and squeals from the fridge. We’ve spent the whole year afraid of that ketchup bottle becoming John Carpenter’s The Thing.

If your startup is like ours, and you share the kitchen with other teammates and startups, chances are your fridge has become a kind of time capsule.

Time to come to grips and find out.

Good luck.

5. Lean Summer

Summer makes you lean.

Lean hard.

6. Time to define your users cycle

Wait, are you *really* asking what a users’ cycle is?

Pretty much.

7. Best moment to prepare a set of responses to frequently asked questions

Now that you are not answering so many questions, and customer support execution is not taking up that much time from your customer happiness specialists, it’s time to sit down and define a set of common replies.

Time to imagine your users questions and your replies.



8. Best time to kick competitors away

Don’t spend that much time thinking about your competitors, but if you do, summer is the right time to allocate more resources to show them who’s the boss in your industry.

As always, make it look like an accident.

 9. Best time to kick off plan B if plan A fails

I have always thought that focusing on plan B mostly distracts you from plan A. But there are times when you really need to know what to do if business isn’t just going as expected and you have to present an alternative to your stakeholders.

If you’ve got a plan B, and you know you need to implement it asap before everything falls down…summer is the right time. Just go and start it asap. As stated above, no risk to harm.

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