Interviews with startup investors and CEO startups and other actors of the European startup ecosystem. Learning from those who know.

“Do more, faster” Jon Bradford’s advice to startups wanting to get into Techstars

Posted on 30/10/2014
how to get into techstars

Jon Bradford a lot of experience when it comes to startups, accelerators and investing. We sat down with the current Managing Director of Techstars London to talk about this and other topics associated to startup accelerator programs.

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“Starting up a company is hard and has nothing to do with giving talks all day” Pepe Agell from Chartboost

Posted on 16/10/2014
pepe agell interview

Pepe Agell is the 'Head of International' at Chartboost, one of the leading companies when it comes to mobile game developers monetize their apps. In this interview we talk to him about the future of Chartboost, the current state of the Spanish startup market and Silicon Valley.

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Meet Simbiotika, the LinkedIn for Spanish companies

Posted on 30/09/2014

The high availability of capital in the past few years has changed the investment landscape significantly. Startups are taking longer than usual to go public and it affects those who are looking for relevant information from such companies. Privately-held enterprises don’t have to disclose any kind of financial information to the public, only to their local financial institutions, and this is a problem that Simbiotika is trying to solve in Spain.

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“The main problem in Spain is the lack of ‘smart’ money” Isidro Laso, European Commission

isidro laso

The European Commission (EC) has recently launched various initiatives to support entrepreneurship. To find out more about them we've talked to Isidro Laso, from the EC and Startup Europe.

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“Spain will never be Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv, and it’s not a problem” Iñaki Arrola

iñaki arrola

It's always interesting to know what the actors themselves think about the ecosystem they have helped build. To know more about this we've interviewed Iñaki Arrola, founder of and also one of the founding partners of VC firm Vitamina K.

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“Any technology startup with a unique product should try to be in Silicon Valley” Eneko Knorr, Ludei

Posted on 04/09/2014
eneko knorr ludei

Eneko Knorr is the co-founder of Ludei, one of the most interesting and ambitious projects to come out of Ideateca. Soon in Ludei's development Eneko decided to move to Silicon Valley to continue building the startup. To learn more about the move and his impressions on 'the land of startups' we've interviewed him.

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“Big Spanish companies are still very afraid of buying startups” Aquilino Peña, Kibo Ventures


Kibo Ventures is one of the most active and best known venture capital firms in Spain. Aqulino Peña is one of its founding partners and we sat down with him to know more about Kibo.

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Meet Typeform, the startup that is shaking up the way we answer questions

Posted on 24/07/2014

How many hours do we spend during our lifetime filling up forms online? Boring, endless, repetitive questions we have to answer everywhere. Typeform was born to save us time and make it a wonderful experience. We interviewed Typeform CEO, David Okuniev. Want to learn how to build an innovative business model around a typically boring task?

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“There are enough angel and series A/B investors in Spain” Javier Burón, SocialBro

Javier Burón SocialBro Twitter

There are a bunch of Twitter analytics tools out there, but only a few are considered are considered to be top-notch. SocialBro is one of them and we've interviewed its co-founder and CEO, Javier Burón.

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“Tenacity and passion are key” Jacob de Geer, CEO and founder of iZettle

iZettle is leading the European mPOS market. To better understand the market, its challenges and the company itself, we've interviewed Jacob de Geer, its founder and CEO.

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