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The Spanish startup ecosystem continues to grow: €102 million invested in Q3 2014

startup exits spain

Spanish startups raised €104 million in the third quarter of 2014, becoming the best month for the country's entrepreneurial ecosystem since 2013. We analyze these figures and highlight the most relevant deals.

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P2P startups are attracting big money from VCs. Will it last?

Posted on 25/09/2014
p2p startups

P2P startups are all over the place. From transporatation to accommodation services, including the omnipresent sector of fintech. We take a look at the startups that have attracted VC investments in recent months.

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How is the Internet of Things market evolving? The IoT opportunity

Posted on 16/09/2014
internet of things

There are more connected devices than people in the whole world. The Internet of Things aims to makes sense of this new trend, and entrepreneurs, investors and corporates are paying close attention.

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Spain is also coworking: a list with some of the best coworking spaces

Posted on 02/09/2014
spain coworking

Are you back from your holidays and looking for a change? Tired of working alone? Joining a coworking space might be a viable option for entrepreneurs and startups!

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Will 2014 be a record year for European startups?

investment europe startups 2014

European startups raised €2.1 billion in venture financing in Q2 2014. If the trends continues, 2014 could be the best year for European startups in recent memory.

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European VC firms: Google Ventures crosses the pond, Seedcamp’s maturation and LVP’s gaming fund

Europe Venture Capital firms: Google Ventures

More money is flowing into the European startup ecosystem. Google Ventures, Seedcamp and London Venture Partners all announced new funds in the past few weeks, looking to capitalize on Europe's tech talent.

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Looking for funding? Top 14 business angels in Spain you should meet

Posted on 17/07/2014
List with business angels in Spain

Looking for early stage money in Spain? These are the 14 business angels you should meet.

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Spanish startups raised €104M in first half of 2014 while number of exits doubled

Spanish Venture Capital 2014

€104 million were raised by Spanish startups in the first half of 2014. And what's most important, the number of exits doubled compared to the same quarter a year ago. Is the Spanish ecosystem improving?

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Beyond Madrid and Barcelona: the other Spanish startup hubs

Posted on 03/07/2014

Madrid and Barcelona concentrate most of Spain's startup activity. However, other cities are building strong technology ecosystems.

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Are mPOS really taking off? Looking into the mobile point of sale market

Posted on 12/06/2014
The mobile point of sale market in Europe

Various mPOS companies are trying to convince merchants and consumers that they are the way to go when it comes to payments. Is it really true?

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