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Learning from the best: 5 interviews with investors and founders

Posted on 19/08/2014
founder startups interviews

There are a ton of interviews out there with founders, CEOs and investors, but we've taken the time to select 5 that we consider very relevant and of high quality. Inspiration for these summer days.

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From idea to success: the startup journey in 19 quotes

Posted on 12/08/2014
startup quotes inspiration

There's no better way to learn about the startup journey than to hear from founders and CEOs themselves. Here are 19 quotes that will inspire you to achieve your goals.

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The tool for startup investors by startup investors: a how-to

Posted on 02/07/2014

Our first ultimate guide for startup investors, business angels and venture capital firms to make the most of Startupxplore. We've prepared this guide to walk you through our tool and to show how we can help you get better investments.

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12+1 tips to get the most out of Startupxplore as a startup

Posted on 25/06/2014

If you're a startup and you're already using Startupxplore, we recommend you to read this post with a checklist of tips and instructions that'll help you maximize your visibility and reach, especially for the forthcoming features...only available for the startups that are really championing our app.

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